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System requirements

BitNinja has low system requirements.

Hardware requirements

Minimum server requirements for the flawless operation of BitNinja:

  • RAM: 1024M
  • Single-core CPU
  • Storage: 1024M
  • Internet access

Please note that if you are using other services you may need more RAM.


BitNinja currently does not support servers with ARM architecture CPUs.

If you would like to use BitNinja with an ARM-based server then do not hesitate to upvote the feature request under our Feedback menu from the BitNinja dashboard. OR use this public link.

Software requirements

BitNinja supports most modern Linux distributions. We have packages for .deb and .rpm based Linux systems and do automatic testing for the following distributions:

  • CentOS 7 and up 64 bit
  • CloudLinux 7 and up 64 bit
  • Debian 8 and up 64 bit
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and up 64 bit

BitNinja is also compatible with these Linux distributions:

  • RedHat 7 and up 64 bit
  • AlmaLinux 8 64 bit
  • VzLinux 7 and up 64 bit
  • Rocky Linux 8 64 bit
  • Amazon Linux 2 64 bit

Package dependencies

BitNinja has the following package dependencies on the different Linux distributions.

On Debian-based systems:

  • bitninja-dojo (>= 1.6)
  • ipset
  • daemon
  • iptables (>= 1.4.7)
  • awk
  • net-tools
  • grep
  • gzip
  • sed
  • coreutils
  • lsb-release

On rpm-based systems:

  • ipset
  • gzip
  • openssl
  • bitninja-dojo (>= 1.6)
  • net-tools
  • iptables (>= 1.4.7)
  • gawk
  • grep
  • gzip
  • sed
  • coreutils

Port requirements

Some BitNinja modules require certain ports to be open on the server and on the firewall in front of the server (if there is one). The ports need to be open for both inbound and outbound connections. The following port numbers are the default values.

ProtocolPortBitNinja module(s)
TCP60412CaptchaHttp, CaptchaSmtp
TCP60413, 60418*CaptchaHttps
TCP60210CaptchaFtp (active)
TCP60211-60250CaptchaFtp (passive)
TCP60300, 60110WAF HTTP
TCP60414, 60415SslTerminating
TCP60416TrustedProxy HTTP
TCP60417TrustedProxy HTTPS


Port 60418 is only required for the CaptchaHttps service if you are using cPanel/WHM. Otherwise, it's not required.


The web server has to accept connections from to http://<server_ip>:80 and to https://<server_ip>:443 in order for the WAF module to work.