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Vulnerability Patcher

The Vulnerability Patcher module is designed to discover weaknesses in technical word vulnerabilities in the websites on your server. It helps you identify insecure areas on your server and provides patches to fix these issues. Previously this module was present before 3.10.6, however since this version it is able to fix various CVE fixes. The currently supported CVE fixes can be found in our Changelog page.


As of now there module does not automatically patch, instead it lists the discovered vulnerabilities on the dashboard.

Currently this module has two CLI options:

bitninjacli --module=Patcher --restorePatch=<value>
bitninjacli --module=Patcher --restorePatch=/var/lib/bitninja/Patcher/backups/2024/01/01/example.php

Restores all applied patches for the given path.

bitninjacli --module=Patcher --patch=<value>
bitninjacli --module=Patcher --patch=CVE_EXAMPLE_2024_0101 --domainPath=/path/to/dir

Applies the given patch to the given domain path.

Extra options for patch: